Arqadia's professionals

We are a team of technicians with more than twenty years experience completing and managing restoration works.
Our experts come from different professional fields, developers, plan and costing editors, building works managers from the construction industry and also from public administrations both local and regional.

Our extensive experience in renovation and restoration of Andalusian heritage buildings qualifies us as a team of professionals able to advise and execute any operation on these buildings.

Our team is also integrated with young professionals who bring creativity, dynamism and technological qualifications which allow us to deal with any challenge.

We have a wide net of contracts composed of professionals and companies from all the areas related with the development of a project; lawyers, economists, technical professionals such as engineers, architects, landscapers, designers and decorators, etc. as well as a long list of manufacturers and suppliers for building materials, decoration and furniture. We also have a working relationship with all the relevant Andalusian public administration bodies which will allow your project to run as efficiently as possible.

Arqadia has its head office in Seville and our development work has been primarily in the south of Spain, in Andalusia.