Services and solutions

ARQADIA can help you in all the steps of the process of restoration of buildings in Andalusia.

If you wish to restore a country house or a building declared as Cultural Heritage Landmark, either if it is in a village, a city or in the countryside, we can act as consultants in the search of such building, and also about its value and its preservation. We can also study the town-planning viability of your project and give you support in the development and procedures of the project.  

Also, if you own a singular building in a bad state of conservation and you do not wish to sell it, we can advise you on how to administer and obtain the maximum use of your construction, restoring it and putting it in use without having to let it go.

We can perform all the necessary actions, always under your supervision and respecting your likes and criteria. Our main objective is that you enjoy your dream house without any kind of trouble and with a true price, avoiding all uncomfortable surprises.

What services do we offer?

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