Viability studies

Once you have chosen the building you like, and before doing any investment for the purchase of it, we study the construction, analyzing its conservation status and the works that the building requires, as well as its estimated cost.

Our team will obtain all the information needed in every relevant administration (city councils, autonomous administration, protection bodies, etc.) and we will inform you about all the allowed works and the uses authorized by the regulations, the purchase price, the existence of subventions, the estimated dates for the works and all those aspects in relation with the building which are important in the purchase of the mentioned building.

If required, due to non-definition and complexity of the regulations, our technicians will request from the mentioned bodies written information about the works that are allowed.

This way you will be able to decide about the purchase of the building with an important knowledge of all the circumstances and necessary steps in order to enjoy your building once it has been restored.