Integral management of your restoration project

Once the building has been purchased, we study in great detail its conservation status, making all the studies and analysis needed, and we propose all the necessary works in order to completely restore the building fulfilling the standards of comfort and environmental sustainability.

Depending on the works to execute, our team will be in charge of drawing up the necessary architectural projects and/or town-planning. Likewise, all the appropriate queries will be done, and all the meetings needed will be held with the competent bodies to make the writing of the projects easier and speed up its proceedings.

Once the projects have been written, we will request and arrange the appropriate permits and licenses in order to obtain the authorizations needed.

We can also seek different construction companies specialized in the sort of works needed, and select the most adequate one, because of its experience, quality and costs, to carry out the restoration works and to run the works to manage the integral restoration of the building.

If the intervention requires the participation of another kind of professionals (engineers, archaeologists, historians, decorators, economists, tax advisors, etc.) we can turn to the most qualified ones in the sector.