If you wish to purchase and restore a property

If you are interested in purchasing a building in Andalusia (South of Spain) and wish to contact us, you can call us or send us an email in which you’ll inform us about the kind of building you like, the location and the maximum price you wish to invest in its purchase and restoration. Otherwise, if you prefer, we can arrange a meeting in our office in Seville.  

Once we have received the request, Arqadia’s technical team will start searching for the properties which meet the requested characteristics. Subsequently, a file with information on the constructions found that have the requested characteristics, will be sent to the client. The file will contain photographs, location, prices and areas.   

Once the customer has received the information, if he or she is interested in any of the constructions, Arqadia will write a complete and detailed report about the constructions the client is interested in.

This study will cover an estimative valuation of the property, a study on its conservation status, accesses, existing services, an analysis of the rules to be applied (works and allowed uses) with queries to the public administrations, an intervention proposal with a sketch and an estimative economical study of the cost of the works and the necessary permits.

If, once the studies and the building proposals have been presented, you wish to purchase any of them, Arqadia will offer its collaboration in every moment, accompanying you with a lawyer in the moment of the purchase and doing the deeds.

Once we have obtained the permit, we will ask different construction companies in the area for a budget, advising you in the selection of the most adequate one. Later on, with the advice of our legal team, we will do a construction works contract which will guarantee your interests.  

Our technicians will be in charge of running the building renovation works, which you will be able to visit whenever you want. Once the works are finished, we will apply for the first occupation license and for the services connection, giving you the building completely restored and ready to enjoy.

Thanks to our team's experience and our passion for historical buildings recovery, we are the help you need to restore your building.