Country estates

The Cortijos are agrarian constructions located in the countryside and plains, and are used to cover the construction needs of the big extensions of farms used for the cereal growing, which also house ranching uses.

The constructions that compose the cortijo are set around big yards, and house residential uses (for the owners, domestic service and the seasonal personnel that work on the harvest), and agricultural uses related to the cereal production and ranching uses.
These constructions have a functional purposes, with a more rural language, so we are talking about a less “cult” or refined architecture than the Hacienda de Olivar.

Its isolated character, remote from urban cores, and its constructive austerity, lacking refined ornamental elements, convert them into traditional architectural complexes from the Andalusian countryside. They are truly landmarks.  

The mechanization of the land has been contributing to the substitution of the cattle which gave support on agrarian tasks, by big harvest machinery, provoking its abandonment and destruction, and the construction of big warehouses to house machinery.

Nevertheless, these construction complexes survive in spite of the difficulties the rural economy is going through, but as they are away from big towns, many of them have not found the economic help that tourism or event celebrations offer.